Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Bride of Chucky (1998)

Bride of Chucky 
IMDB rate: 5,2
Genre: Slasher, Comedic

To be honest, Bride of Chucky was the very first Chucky movie I've ever seen. Not so strange since I was not even born when the first three came out. For me this was how Chucky looked like but of course, at that time I had not seen Child's Play yet. I think Bride of Chucky is a funny movie. Not really scary but it's a nice movie to watch. It's not really good but for a comedic movie I think it's go-able (is that even a word?). Anyway, since I saw the first Child's Play movie I of course realized that that is the real Chucky and I liked Child's Play a lot more than Bride of Chucky. 

Serial killer Charles Lee Ray is back! This time his girlfriend Tiffany has revived him, once again in the form of the popular "Chucky" doll. Shortly after the "happy" couples reunion, Chucky kills her and brings her back in the form of a girl's bridal doll. The two then embark on a killing spree en route to dig up Ray's corpse, which was buried with a Satanic voodoo charm capable of bringing back the dead.

First of all, I've always liked the music in the Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky movies. It's very fitting for the movie I think. I also like the comedic twist on Chucky, you learn a lot more about his personality. Even though the movie is not very good I like watching it. I must admit though that I have seen the movie too much, so that's why I don't really enjoy it anymore. I do remember that I loved it the first time I watched it, mainly because I was terrified of dolls and a combination of comedy and something terrifying is kinda cool I guess. I'm not a big fan of Seed of Chucky though, it's not funny or scary and the Glen/Glenda doll is kinda lame. 

I like the references to other horror movies, Hellraiser, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and every other horror legend can be found somehow in this movie. I also liked Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany, her voice is annoying but also has something seducing. I don't know. She's not a very good actress but it's not very bothering in this movie, since it's not a very serious movie. 

I don't mind Chucky's look in the movie, it's very believable since the guy has been blown up/cut up or whatever for a million times already so it's logical he looks like this. Also, it gives him a tough look. I do prefer his normal look though. 

I think Bride of Chucky is a fun movie. but don't compare it to the Child's Play movies. It's definitely different. I think not everybody will like this movie. It's definitely not a good movie, but it can be enjoyable to watch.

My personal rate: 6/10

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