Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Clown (2014)


IMDB rate: 5,7
Genre: Clown, Slasher
Starring: Laura Allen, Andy Powers, Peter Stormare

Now this is something I've waited ages for, a decent movie about killer clowns. Ever since I was little I've been scared to death for clowns, but I still hadn't seen a decent movie about clowns. Sure, there is It, but that clown turned out to be an alien spider something, and I didn't really find it scary either. There's Stitches but I honestly thought that was a pretty shitty movie. There is also this awesome clown scene in the movie Amusement, but unfortunately that was only one scene and the rest of the movie turned out shitty anyway.

Here's what Clown is about:
A loving father finds a clown suit for his son's birthday party, only to realize the suit is part of an evil curse that turns its killer into a killer.

Clown is based on a short fan movie that was once made, and people seemed to like it so much Eli Roth decided to turn it into a movie. Oh wait, did I forget to mention Eli Roth produced Clown? I know that many people dislike Eli Roth, but honestly I don't think he's too bad. Perhaps Cabin Fever wasn't the best movie around, but I can't say I hated it butt-loads. Besides, I kinda liked Hostel.

The movie might have a bit of a strange concept of a suit that turns it wearer into a killer, but honestly what else might turn a human into a clown-suit wearing killer? The curse is a nice story for it I think, it's definitely a better story than the standard reason why some characters become mass-murderers. Besides, I was already very happy that there was finally a full clown movie that's actually decent and somewhat scary.

You might've noticed my phrasing there when I said that it was 'decent'. It really is a decent movie, I can't say this is a incredible movie with many new ideas and insights, but it's just a nice and decent slasher. I think this is one of the few slashers in the last couple of years that actually tries to be original and actually somewhat succeeds at that, so that's already quite the head start for Clown.

The make-up is done very well in this movie, at first when the plastic nose is stuck to Kent and his wife rips it off - ouch, that looked quite painful. The transformation of Kent is looking awesome as well, at first he just starts to look a bit messed up, but when his transformation is finally done he is looking very scary I think. Perhaps one of the scariest clowns I have ever seen. The gore is pretty awesome as well, ripped off children bodies, brains splashing around, and lots, lots of blood!

Decent acting, Andy Powers did a fine job as the fucked up clown. Laura Ellen played okay as well, by the way - how much is she looking like Malin Akerman?! I was convinced at first it was Malin Akerman instead of Laura Ellen. Of course there's also a small (tiny) role for Eli Roth as a clown, really only for a second he shows up though.

I thought Clown was a fine and nice movie, it had some great gore and nice looking make-up. The acting was decent and overall I thought this was a nice slasher. I'm also very happy that finally there has been released a good murdering Clown movie because that has been ages since I've seen one. Clown is a hundred times better than Stitches, even though Stitches tries to be funny (and fails at it) and Clown is more a serious type of movie (as far as Clown murdering movies can go serious). Even if you're not a fan of Eli Roth, I suggest giving Clown a watch, I definitely had fun watching it.

My rate: 6,5/10

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