Saturday, 10 January 2015

Welcome to Chainsaw Cinema

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Chainsaw Cinema, the place for reviews of your favorite horror related entertainment. From obscure 80s B-movie to new releases, we will do our best to bring you honest and unbiased reviews and opinions on the subject. We’ll try to upload regularly with two different reviewers, and covering as much movies and a diversity of different movie genre and/or games and books as possible.
Comments and suggestions are more than welcome!

About us:

Hello, my name is Melanie and I'm 21 years old. Ever since I can remember I've been interested in all kinds of movies, but most especially horror movies. My love for horror movies started ever since I started watching the children's show Goosebumps, I didn't find it scary at all unlike other people my age and ever since I started looking for things I did find scary. I guess it's best to say that I'm still searching for the ultimate scary horror movie. The thing I love most about horror movies is the diversity of the horror-genres. In action movies or romantic things are all pretty much the same (at least in my opinion), but in horror movies there are so much more ways to approach a subject. Personally I like post-apocalyptic movies, zombie movies and slashers a lot. I'm not a professional reviewer in any way, but I do hope to be someday. This year I will hopefully start a study which should be the first step to pursue my dream of being an official movie reviewer. Until then, I hope you will enjoy my unprofessional but honest reviews of stuff I watched.

I’m a 22 year old reviewer with a real love for movies. Obscure B-movies, Asian weird and controversial grindhouses are my passion, but I’ll review pretty much anything I’ll find interesting, even if it sometimes dwindle off from our security blanket that is 80s and 90s B-horror. If I think I have something to say about a certain movie I’ll do my best to bring out a review about it, even if it’s not a fundamentally a horror flick or from a time period I prefer.
My belief is that most reviewers online too often share the same trope, the screaming at the camera with anger and going against the tide. If a movie is good they’ll often rip it apart just for the sake of being different and thus seeming smarter that everybody else. Now I’ll admit there are plenty of movies that everybody else loves that I despise and other movies I love that everybody else seems to hate. But I’ll try to be honest, tell you why I love or dislike a certain movie purely on whether I enjoyed the movie or if it made me think, despite if the movie was a bomb or if it’s a critically acclaimed masterpiece. Take it for what it’s worth I guess, but I still enjoy bad movies that were made with a passion behind them than a pretty looking movie that was dropped out of the Hollywood conveyer belt for the sake of making a quick buck.
I’m not a critic, I didn’t go to any courses and have no background in Hollywood or the movie business, I’m just a kid who’s life changed on the day I saw Bruce Campbell dual-wielding a chainsaw and a boomstick, and who has since then watched more movies that most can fathom, and just want to tell the world what he thinks. And with a steady dose of humor, an honest opinion and your listening ears, I hope we’ll get somewhere

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